Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

It can be tempting to try electrical projects yourself or with the help of a handyman. Unless you are swapping a light bulb, hiring a licensed professional electrician is in your and your families best interest.

Diagnosis and Repair

Electrical issues can be very complicated and may leave you sitting around wondering what to do next. Houghtaling Electrical can save you money, time and aggravation, diagnosing even the most difficult electrical issues. We can professionally repair and correct complications safely the first time.

Installation and Upgrades

Upgrade your electrical system so you can keep up with  today’s advancing technology. Contact Houghtaling Electrical today to learn more about how updating your electrical system.

Electrical Improvements

Houghtaling Electrical can install an array of electrical equipment, from lighting and ceiling fans, to circuit breaker and electrical panels and more. Improving your electrical system has many benefits including, improved value, energy and cost savings, safety and security.

Home Electrical Safety and Security

Houghtaling Electrical has the knowledge to evaluate & remedy safety and security issues including hidden wiring issues, fire risks and electrocution, and more that can put your family at risk.

Specialty Home and Outdoor Lighting

Is your home’s lighting lagging behind times? Let us introduce you to an array of affordable, convenient, and energy efficient lighting solutions on the market. Houghtaling Electrical has fully customizable solutions- inside and out Houghtaling Electrica has a tailored solution.

Home Energy Savings

Protecting your home & family is your first priority but why not protect the environment by improving energy conservation in your home?  Houghtaling Electrical can improve your energy consumptions and expenses with simple lighting upgrades to ENERGY STAR appliances.

Electrical System Maintenance

Keeping your home’s electrical system properly maintained can prevent major complications from fires to repairs, to the loss from damage to your electronics. Learn more about maintenance by calling Houghtaling Electrical.

The Houghtaling Electrical Difference

  • Safety: Protecting your family from the dangers of sketchy electrical work due to inexperience or age-related issues. Licensed electricians are also the only individuals rectify faulty installations.
  • Accountability: All licensed electricians are required to pull permits for specific electrical work , and work is subject to inspection. Houghtaling Electrical always pulls permits when necessary.
  • Results: Houghtaling Electrical delivers quality workmanship, performing work the right way and on time the first time.


Houghtaling Electrical can provide:

  • Professional & comprehensive services for all of your residential  & commercial electrical needs.
  • Solutions for all electrical problems, from simple to your most horrifying complications.
  • The information you need to you can make the right decision based on your financial needs.

20+ Years of Experience has prepared Houghtaling Electrical what it takes to tackle your toughest residential & commercial electrical projects.


#1 Electrician in the Capital District. Commercial or Residential. Fully Licensed, Insured & Professional.

Call Al Houghtaling Today (518) 857-5320.

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